Friday, January 14, 2005

Other uses for needles

I've finished millions of things lately, but have not yet downloaded the pictures to my computer. So you guys will have to use your imaginations for the time being.

There's a discussion going on on the SnB list about knitting needles. A woman bought a pair of needles that turned out to be $20. For the uninitiated, that's alot of money for two wooden sticks, finely shaped to a particular diameter. She posted, and many suggested she return them. Turns out most stores don't allow needles to be returned. A store owner posted that it was CA code not to accept needles as returns. Her analogy was hair combs - if stores took back combs, would you ever want to buy them again?

Which started a whole hailstorm of questions - what part of your body that needles touch is so gross they can't be returned? Why can you return bras and not needles? What are people using their needles for that they are deemed unreturnable (ie abortions)?

Why am I telling you all this? Because I think it's unecessary. After many hours of research on one woman's part, we all found out there is no part of the code that forbids a store accepting used knitting needles (big suprise). But really, it all comes down to the individual store. I've seen many places with signs clearly indicating they won't accept needles and other accessories for return. The owner had been told that it was against code to accept them and so passed the information on. No reason to jump down her throat (as one woman did) So much for "the new yoga."

Knitters - chill out!