Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The wheels on the bus go click click click

My theory has been shattered. Last week, as I diligently worked on my sock, a woman boarded the bus and sat down next to me. When I paused to rearrange my stitches, she struck up a conversation - the gist of it was that she tried to knit once, and was impressed with my sock - handknit socks are apparently very expensive in Germany. Turns out she is from southern Germany, looking for a position at UCLA. And housing - she asked many questions about where the professors might live near the campus. Which I of course have no idea about...

The next day, a man tapped the seat next to me and told me, "I play with the needles myself - but I've never seen that many used together. Is that different?" Turned into a conversation of the uses of double pointed needles and his wife's speed-knitting skills.

Yesterday a woman kept turning in her seat to look at me, and finally said she'd done some scarves before, but (again) had never seen the 4 needle approach to knitting.

I'm shocked (well, not that people haven't seen sock knitting). People are actually being friendly and talkative on a bus. What's this world coming to??

Still haven't gotten my book....getting impatient for my free copy! Though I can't really is free...