Saturday, July 31, 2004


Scarves. The infamous beginner's project. Whenever I teach someone to knit I have them make a scarf, though I've read books that say starting off on something more complicated (ie a sweater) builds the knitter's self-confidence. I suppose it's like that whole babytalk debate. Sure you can talk to your kid like it's an adult at 6 months. But who's to say the tone and sounds used in babytalk don't convey more affection to the child, preventing it from growing up to go on a killing spree?

I digress. Posted by Hello

You know, it's hard to find a good way to take pictures of scarves. Actually, clothes in general. Without a model. However, the only animated creature available was the cat, and somehow I think she wouldn't appreciate a scarf. Or 5. So clothesline it was.

Browsing through my messages from the LA SNB, I found this link: Knitting Man

He looks happy....


Kami said...

Ooh, pictures! Very nifty. I think scarves are the best beginner project because it's the easiest way to see your mistakes and fix them.

If you're doing a sweater or something, you're so focused on the challenge of the project, it's hard to learn a good technique. For me, technique was everything; once I stopped knitting so tight, I actually started *liking* to knit.

Put on more pics of your achievements!