Monday, November 22, 2004

Bitching calmed by stitching

Haven't had alot to post in this blog lately. Been working on actually finishing projects before starting new ones and NOT buying any more yarn. Took my nerdiness to a whole new level by creating a workbook in Excel detailing what I've finished and what I have planned (including columns for item type, location of pattern, and which yarn I've queued for it) Whew.

Tried learning a new way of purling that leaves the yarn behind the needle. Called Norwegian purling. And while it does keep you from having to move the yarn over the needle, it incorporates alot of wrist movement and significantly increases your gauge. Which is good if you're on a deadline....but overall, not really impressed.

Still conducting my bus study. If I knit, will the empty seat next to me be the last one to be filled? If I read and switch to knitting, will the person next to me get up? You know, I personally would choose the knitter over the scary big guy, but hey. To each is own.

Tree, who's been faithfully attending SnB with me all these months, is leaving :( I'm bummed we won't be able to hang out anymore! But she's coming back for a week in December (while you're here Kami) so we'll get to see eachother again before she leaves for France.