Wednesday, July 20, 2005

This and that

First of all, I've joined my first swap - Stitch ya neck out I'm really excited, but nervous too...should be fun.

Last night's SnB was great - showed off Asana, saw some other amazing FO's. Heard all about the Scientology trip (aka Hypocrisy with a Homebase) Something about their approach and aversion to therapy though what they put you through could qualify as therapy...well, really irks me. I have a low tolerance for hypocrites. Which makes me somewhat hypocritical...ooh, my head hurts.

Also learned about some fun blogs - Overheard in New York and Overhead in the Office. Though with yesterday's office conversation about a farm in the Northwest that caters to bestiality...well, I'm not sure I'd want to overhear any office conversations.

Finally, ran across this technique for knitting in the round (Magic loop). Though I usually do ok knitting socks and stuff, this is awfully tempting to try out. Would make my projects more transportable. Though I wouldn't be able to use these any more :(

Lots going on in the knitting arena - still a sock to be finished, the poncho, Cal scarf, BART scarf, and Clappy....and I know more projects will be started :)