Tuesday, October 25, 2005

One down -

One (sock) more to go. I'll post pictures as soon as I remember to take them :)

Lots of knitting this weekend - I've been at home sick (haha, I typed sock) with a cold the past few days so I've put my sweater machine to use and churned out the front and half a back for a sweater. I still feel strange making something "machine knit." Then I look at all the yarn crammed into my tiny room and get over it. There are still plenty of things to knit by hand :)

Realizing I've got alot to do for my Christmas list:
2 shawls for mom
A few OSW's for friends
Some fingerless gloves for friends
2 pairs of socks for dad and possibly brother
That infamous sweater I had to frog and restart....maybe next Christmas....

Hmm...what am I doing at work when I have all this knitting to do?


Kami said...

Reader demand: post some pics of the sweater you're making on the machine...please... =)

Karen said...

I second Kami's request! I just got mine, and I'm still a little bit lost about what to make with it. Can you tell I didn't think it through much?

K8 said...

I didn't really think it through much either - it was almost an impulse buy. Scary when you buy a sweater machine on impulse...I do have alot of projects in the queue that require stockinette with very little shaping, so I plan to use it for that. I also have aspirations of working out a design I have in mind on it, but we'll see how that goes :)