Friday, June 23, 2006

I haven't been knitting....

What an insane week.

Mon - cut hand. Get tetanus shot. Get phone call about interview on Tues with biotech company through contract agency. Make monomers. Go home.

Tues - wake up 3 am with chills and fever. Damn shot. Pile on blankets, take warm shower, fall back to sleep. Go to interview, find out they want someone more immediately available. Go back to LA, decide I'm too sick to work in the lab, go home and sleep.

Weds - talk to the mom (not my mom) about prospect of moving out early July. Worry about getting out of current housing and closer to biotech company. Go to interview in Pasadena. Like the company, not the job. Talk to contract agency, find out biotech company wants to hire me for 6 months. Think on it.

Thurs - frantic calls to parents and friends about whether or not to take job. Decide to go for it. Get a call 2 hours later from biotech company about my application for fulltime positions. Damn it. Post ad for current housing on Craigslist. Receive 20 emails before midnight. Many from people who didn't read the ad. Stay up late working on thesis.

Fri - Go into work early to set up more reactions. Reply to housing emails. Call housing ads. Go to minimeeting. Field calls from people to see my place - show it to a musician. More chemistry. Get a call from biotech company from an engineer in process development who's doing phone interviews. Asks questions about units and things I haven't worked with. Sigh. More chemistry. More apartment showing.

I'm still here in lab. Totally drained and thinking of putting my stuff in storage for awhile to ease the stress of finding a place to live before I generate a paystub. It's been a crazy week. But at least I'm employed :)


Theresa said...

Why do people never read the ad? Hope this next week is better.