Sunday, July 09, 2006

Laughing and knitting

Do you own Monsters, Inc.? If you do, go get it. It's ok, I'll wait. Put in the bonus/special features disc. Watch the short, Mike's New Car. Funny huh? Now go back and watch it again, with the commentary.

I hope you weren't trying to drink a juice box or anything. You may need to wipe off your moniter.

If you don't own Monsters, Inc. I recommend you make friends with someone who does. Funniest 7 minutes ever.

In knitting news, I've just been plugging away on my navy blue projects. Well, frogging and restarting more so than anything else. Very frustrating. I should just lower my standards :) I've also been cleaning out my stash in preparation for the move at the end of the month - I know, it's early July still. I like to plan ahead. I went to Target last weekend and bought some under-the-bed containers to store yarn in - I managed to fit most of my stash into 4. Not counting WIPs and some laceweight I've stuck in with the fabric. Not bad, considering....It'll be alot easier to move than those stupid drawers....

I haven't had a ton of time to knit lately, with the full time and part time jobs. Thankfully I haven't had to do any nannying this weekend - I'm feeling overwhelmed with work as it is. But in a good way - I like the new job (just not the commute). People are nice, I feel like I'm adding something of value. There's free coffee.

I'm so easy to please.

But it's late, and time for rest. Hope you all are having a happy weekend!