Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A shift in focus

After a long conversation with Kami Sunday, I think this blog is going to get a new title. This weekend, I made good progress on sewing my Halloween costume, finished knitting the back of my sweater, and baked a pie. Combined with the curtains I altered (to cover my cabinets) and the redecorating I did last week, I am, in Kami's words, filling in Martha Stewart's void. I'm becoming far too domestic. Must go out more!

Though I am pretty happy with my new sweater :) I say that now.....who knows if it'll actually fit.


yao said...

new title? what's the new title going to be??

Kami said...

Unrelated, though knitting-relevant question: Kate, do you use circular needles?

I'm trying to make my first hat, but the pattern is unclear. Will I have to switch to smaller circular needles later when I start decreasing? Or do I have to switch to double sided needles? Or neither?

Thank you, oh great knitting goddess....

Kami said...

Woohoo! I finished the hat, using some brand-new double pointed needles. I love how quick a project that was. Maybe my next hat will even fit... =)