Monday, February 13, 2006

Knitting Olympics update

When I first joined the Knitting Olympics, I said I was going to make a sweater from Rowan. That's right, a full sweater on size 5 needles.

Um, insane.

When I looked at the signup page, it just said sweater next to my name. Telling me I could go ahead and change "Rowan sweater" to "Lace Leaf Pullover"

Which I did.

Then the tough decision - what yarn? I had some blue Cascade Pastaza set aside for Lucky, though in all honesty it's too thick for that sweater. So I decided to do a test swatch. Hmm, too thin. Ok, I'll order some from I found a colorway I liked, ordered it, wound it into balls, and did a test swatch. Perfect.

Then I started knitting. Ew. While the yarn looks pretty on its own, it's going to be ugly as a sweater.

So back to Cascade I went. Much better. Though knitting, drinking beer, and watching the 40-year old Virgin will make you misread pattern instructions - I had to rip out 10 rows of the top because I wasn't increasing along the shoulders as well. Oops!


candsmom said...

Your Lace Leaf looks so pretty in that Cascade! You've made such amazing progress on it, too. Take care! :-)

jillian said...

The Pastaza is a good choice, I think. Yarn Harlot's did hers in that yarn!