Thursday, February 23, 2006


Um...Sunday? Why are you creeping up on me?

Remember all my complaints about grafting the Lace Leaf Pullover and how it was forming a line I didn't like because my tension was off? Well, I undid it. I put a lifeline in, pulled out the graft, and frogged the bottom half of my sweater.

The good news is I have one sleeve done.

The bad news is I don't have a bottom half of my sweater. And I'm flying to Boston tomorrow (if I'd been on top of it I would have seen who of the bloggers is out there - because really, how often do I go to the East Coast? Once a year, glad you asked). Which means alot of time on the plane. But with my wrists I don't think I can really knit nonstop.

It's going to be a photo finish. Assuming I remember my camera. Though since I tried to start my car by putting my key where my sunglasses are stored, I wouldn't hold your breath :)

Nah, it'll be ok. Those inches fly by, and the second sleeve doesn't have the leaf on it (like that really cuts down on knitting time). It'll be ok. Maybe I should leave work early and seam the other sleeve on, for peace of mind....

It's only 1:45...

Good luck to all you other knitting Olympians. It's looking good!


Miss Twiss said...

You can do it! That sleeve will take you no time at all. It's fun and faster than the other.
And good for you for ripping out your grafting. What a mess hunh? I did it twice. I'm just happy mine's in black and no one but me can see the inconsistent tension.