Saturday, October 14, 2006

Soctoberfest, Stash Enhancement, and FOs


In spite of my relative inexperience in knitting socks, I've accumulated quite a stash. My current projects are the leaf socks from an older issue of Interweave Knits (I'm not sure where the pattern is right now, these have been sitting in my basket for quite some time) and some basic toe up socks from Trekking and Regia yarns. I haven't made alot of progress yet!

I gave in to temptation (better known as retail therapy these days) and bought some Socks That Rock and Lorna's Laces (bought from yarn4socks, which is offering a Socktoberfest discount!) - two sock yarns I've been eyeing for quite some time!

I also discovered Jannette's eBay store - where I bought 10 balls of this Rowan tweed to make Intolerable Cruelty. The Cherry Tree Hill came from the yarn crawl with Pasadena SnBers last weekend - you can see I was relatively good to make up for all the online stash enhancement :)

And finally, I haven't just been buying yarn - I've been squeezing in some knitting too. I managed to finish the yoga socks I've been working on, along with a dishcloth from Mason Dixon Knitting. I really liked the yarn I used for the yoga socks (Katja Danubio?), but its fuzziness does hide the stitch detail. The dishcloth was a very satisfying project and finished in the course of a Harry Potter marathon a few weekends ago (there was much snacking in between - it didn't really take me 4 movies to finish it).

Whew. Sorry for the disjointed feel - I'm starving!


mary said...

Your sock yarn stash is quite impressive! Did you get more at A Mano when you went back?

K8 said...

I did! Teresa snagged some more CTH, and I gave in and bought the STR I showed above. After getting some more Regia today, I'm starting my yarn diet :)

Annette said...

Look at all that sock yarn! I'm building quite a stash myself. I guess I should get serious about knitting socks. I had a great time spending the day with you on the yarn crawl! :)

mary said...

I will do the Monster Mash only if you come down to our SnB meeting and teach me!