Monday, February 12, 2007

Science of Knitting

After months of sitting on my wall o'yarn, the day to dye had come. Teresa came over and we dyed yarn in 3 easy steps:
LinkFirst - blend the dye (cake dye, with hula girl swizzle sticks of course)
Second, squirt and blend. Be sure to wear gloves!
Third - admire!

Ok, actually it was more than 3 steps, but I'm out of pictures :)

My new favorite quick knit - calorimetry (yes, I even know what a calorimeter does). Knit in an afternoon catching up on Lost and Grey's Anatomy online using Malabrigo. I, like everyone else, didn't knit the pattern as written, but cast on 96 stitches (following Eklectika's mods) and did short rows until I had 48 stitches between the markers. The yarn bled quite a bit, staining my hands an attractive orange. But it's been washed and is ready to wear! And I love it :)


textual bulldog said...

oh man kate, remember when we used to knit together and you were better than me but not insanely better than me? yeah, well, those days have come and gone! can't believe how good you've gotten, and dying your own yarn means that you have crossed some sort of knitting line in the sand. supercool!

textual bulldog said...

i clearly meant "dyeing" not "dying."