Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Still plugging away

In the midst of all the destashing I've been doing, I've still been doing some knitting. I apologize for the lack of pictures, I'll update those later.

There are still a number of WIPs on the needles, some of which I've actually worked on. And in the long-awaited department, I finally know people who are pregnant and can get some of those cute baby patterns I've been eyeing on the needles.

Tell me I didn't just say that....

Anyways - still a multitude of socks. I finished my Trekking socks using the "You're putting me on" pattern, only to decide the foot was too long and frog back. I've been plugging away at my knee socks (using this and this tutorial) while in the lab (which led to finally getting a chance to meet the other knitters at work!) and am quite pleased so far. The hiking and Jaywalker socks have sadly been neglected, but the lace knee highs from Interweave can be resurrected, now that I finally found the pattern (it was in the shawl section of my pattern files. Go figure).

Sweaters still abound as well. Wicker has been horribly neglected in favor of the Hourglass Sweater. However, after having to rip back 24 rows, Hourglass may have lost her privileged place. The yarn for Rapunzel came in, and I plan to be swatching for that soon to add to the list of planned sweaters (Ariann, Wicked, Loop-d-Loop Lace Leaf Pullover, Thermal, and many more)

And finally, I gave in to the mitre (thanks to january one) and ordered some cotton for Elann to make my own blanket. I'm still recovering from the large order :)

Oh - watch this. I'm really intrigued to see the final version now. And check out this. Finally, a whole book :) I can't wait. (If you haven't seen her blog, I command you to stop reading now and head over there).