Thursday, June 07, 2007


No, I'm not crying, that's just the allergies. Apparently I really do have allergies, not matter how hard I try to convince myself I don't by forgetting to take the Allegra. Just like not wearing my glasses for years didn't really make my nearsightedness disappear (though it hasn't gotten any worse in the last, oh, 7 years)

Just a mini-rant, but the Paris Hilton thing is getting on my nerves. Undisclosed medical condition? Well, not that, but the whole situation. Would I get the same treatment she does?

I'm going to guess no....

In other rants, my parents sent a letter to the editor of the San Jose Mercury news, regarding the need for a suicide barrier for the Golden Gate Bridge and lamenting that there isn't one. The ending of their letter, which the paper cut out, mentioned the death of my brother and tied in why this is such a personal issue for them. SJMN lets readers post comments to stories/letters and this was posted:

"The belief that defacing a local and national treasure will somehow stop suicides is ludicrous. What's the thought here - "Well, I was going to kill myself, but if I can't jump off the Golden Gate, I guess I'll go on living."?? Barriers are not the answer."

Yeah, thanks - what do you suggest? I couldn't resist responding. Seriously, my blood is boiling.

I have a FO I really want to post, but I have to wait until it arrives at the recipient's doorstep to not spoil the surprise. And since I haven't mailed it yet, this will be a few days. But it's cute! And if you're on Ravelry, you can see it! (Which reminds me, if you're on Ravelry, feel free to add me as a friend. Not like this is high school and a popularity contest, but it's fun to cyberstalk other bloggers)

Why yes, I'm getting alot done today. Obviously. Actually, the last couple of days have been pretty good on all fronts. I've had alot to do at work (enough to stress me out a little) and have been keeping busy outside of work (mainly, trying not to kill the garden and destuffing the couch pillows so I don't get shoved off the couch every time I sit down). In fact, I'm even planning on going to A Mano on Saturday afternoon to partake in their book sale (I even have a list) So if you're in the LA area and have a desire to hit up A Mano, let me know.


Allison said...

I don't know if this is kosher to admit or not since I rarely meet up with people from blogland, but I have no plans on Saturday if you want someone to go to A Mano with. I've never been.

Ellen said...

Even if the paper hadn't edited your parent's letter, that still was an amazingly insensitive response.

Ya know, I never realized you were in L.A. I love A Mano. I've known Shannita (one of the owners) for years. We were the founding members of the L.A. Stitch N Bitch.

Unforch, I don't live in L.A. anymore...sniff...but if you go, please tell Shannita I say hi!
Hope you get some good deals.

erin michelle said...

Dang girl I can't find your email address anywhere! I just wanted to say thanks for the comment about the little owls! They're salt and pepper shakers!! Isn't that brill!?? And also, can't believe the people at the paper were such dicks (can I say that?) to your parents, particularly in light of what your family is going through right now. GRR! I'm a big fan of compassion. Keep on truckin', girlfriend.