Wednesday, July 11, 2007


My knitting mojo is totally gone - I had a whole week off last week and only managed to finish a couple of hats! I took a look at my summer knitting goals....hmm. Nothing. Took a look at my queue on Ravelry. Nothing. I've joined Summer of Socks and Mystery Stole 3 and haven't started either.

It's times like these when I look at my stash of yarn, books, and WIPs and start to panic slightly. Will I ever get it all done?

Right now the priority is to finish the knits for other people (who are thankfully flexible about the idea of receiving birthday gifts post-birthday). Next, WIPs for me. It will be a day of ruthless evaluation of WIPs and frogging those I don't think I'll ever finish. Blinders to new projects!

On my drive home Monday, my friendly voicemail voice informed me my mailbox was full and I had to clear out some of the old messages in order to keep the new ones coming in. Yes, I had about 18 saved voicemails. I do that from time to time - but most of these were from when my brother died. Many calls saying, "I'm sorry, call if you want, but you don't have to." I've come some way from 2 months ago when he died. I happened to catch Veronica Mars last night, the episode where her boyfriend breaks up with her and she holds it all in until she gets in the shower and just breaks down. Apparently I'm not the only one :) I wouldn't say I'm totally happy now or that I never think about it. I think about it every day. But it doesn't feel like it's controlling my life anymore. And that's huge.

On a happier note, my 3 year blogiversary is coming up on the 27th. Keep your eye out for a contest - I'm working on coming up with a fabulous prize :)


Katie said...

Ah... I remember reading in a self-help book (I think it was don't sweat the small stuff) that our inboxes will always be full. I think it's the same for knitting needles! Sometimes a knitting break leaves room for new inspirations!

I'm glad you are feeling better! The whole process of coping with grief is such a complex one, but it sounds like you are doing just the right things to take care of yourself!

Allison said...

It's some kind of summer knitting funk. I felt the same way the last few weeks. I did little projects here and there but it was all so blah. Luckily I think the worst is over. Hopefully you will be inspired again soon!

Manda said...

Ack! I know how you feel with the lack of mojo. It will pass, I'm sure.

Also, I commented on the genius of unstuffing the couch pillows awhile back, but it didn't go through. Anyway... I hope the unstuffing was successful cause those cushions were way to pushy. :)

mary said...

Sorry to hear you're bleh but glad to hear you're feeling like you're able to move forward a bit. Hang in there. Hopefully your knitting mojo will come back to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Worry not- I'm sure the mojo will return in no time!

Ellen said...

I second or third that emotion. I had no knitting mojo after we moved and now I am working on three projects, even in this horrific heat.
Sometimes I guess you need a break and then when you get back to it, you really appreciate it again.
Glad you're feeling a bit better. Grief is a process and as cliched as it may be, time does help.
Happy blogiversary in advance!
Can't wait to hear about the contest.
One more thing: you've been tagged!
Check out my blog for details.