Monday, July 23, 2007

What a weekend

Life has been busy on the weekends these last few months! The weekend before, M and I flew out to Chicago for the wedding of a friend of his. We left Thursday evening, rushing to the airport as fast as you can through LA traffic and arrived in Chicago early Friday morning. We picked up the rental and headed out into the city to search for food. Your best bet for finding something open at 2 am is to find out where all the bars are, so we identified a promising location and parked. Only to find that the passenger side door was broken - attempting to open it from the inside resulted in the interior door coming away from the frame! Exchanging the car was added to the list of things to do before leaving for Wisconsin. Fed, we drove to M's cousin's place and crashed (with the help of some Sudafed and Tylenol PM for my flare of allergies on the flight in) Friday we got up, got brunch, and took a little tour of the Wrigleyville area before exchanging the car. My parents tell me I've been to Chicago, but I was too young to remember it.

This time I certainly will. Not half an hour after we exchanged the rental, a truck hit us as it tried to scrape past us in traffic. It took us an hour to sort that all out, but we finally made it on our way to Wisconsin to meet up with some of M's family at the lake. After living in CA for so long, I miss how much you can get in terms of real estate (or food!) in the Midwest. We continued on to Sheboygan (the locale of the wedding), where we had brats before the wedding (when in Rome....) and danced (drank) the night away. I had a great time meeting all of M's fraternity brothers (from MIT, nonetheless) - they're definitely a fun group of guys. Another whirlwind tour of the lake and Chicago and we headed back for CA.

This weekend was the camping/company picnic/hiking weekend. A night hike in Pt. Mugu State Park, company festival, and a day hike in Circle X Ranch area have made for one exhausting weekend. I used to be much more of a hiker in my college days, but I'm enjoying getting back into (when M isn't picking the routes. He seems to think an 8 mile roundtrip hike is totally feasible in 3 hours. Right.) In addition to running up mountains, I also finally got around to going to see Harry Potter and exploring the local restaurants.

What does this all have to do with knitting? It means I haven't gotten much done :) I'm still working on the 2nd manly sock and trying to be more project monogamous in order to start getting things done. It may be a good time to revise my summer knitting goals.....

Hope you all had a good weekend - don't forget to enter the contest by Friday!


thursday said...

Point Mugu. Hehehe. That always makes me laugh! My parents used to live right near there - last time I went out to pt Mugu was probably 15 years ago now, though. Hueneme is such a fun word, isn't it? Doesn't look at all how it sounds.

Anonymous said...

So you've been busy, too! Sounds like fun stuff, though. We went to see the new HP this weekend, too. :)

Kat said...

You went to Sheboygan!!

Did you polka?

Eat cheese?