Thursday, May 26, 2005

Fabulous blog

I ran across Threadbared a few days ago and have to share - it's hilarious. Esp. the Barbie crochet patterns.

Brought a whole slew of knitting with me to work today. Today is reaction day. For those of you who don't know what that is, it basically means I get in freakishly early, spend 2 hours setting up a reaction, another 2 waiting for it to finish, and the rest of my life removing solvent. Hence all the knitting. Along with a few DVDs, I'm set to be entertained. Very very close to finishing my fuzzy blue socks (woohoo!), also finally done with Red Riding Hood scarf (will post pictures soon. As soon as I can figure out who to con into modeling it)

Sadly, all these early mornings have gotten me into the habit of drinking coffee. I know what you're saying - A grad student not addicted to coffee? I'm working on it :) Just need to learn how to not make it taste awful. Apparently those years of tea drinking have not made me a master coffee brewer....

I gave in to temptation and walked down to Wildfiber last night (since Wednesday is their open late day) to browse the yarn. Although my self-imposed budget does not allow for any more yarn until I clear out alot of it (ie, until I can fit all the yarn in bags, on the floor, and on the shelves into those 4 drawer systems I have for yarn), I vaguely remember Wildfiber having a good sale room. Not any more. I know it's hard for yarn stores to make a profit (though I suspect this is slightly easier in LA than smaller cities) and yarns are inherently expensive. But their sale room has gone from 50 to 40 to now 30% off. Not really much of a discount anymore. Sigh. They are a great place for the hand-dyed and specialty yarns though!


Lady Arden said...

Yeah! I found your knitting blog. It was, um, right there in the list in front of me. :P Anyhow, I was going to suggest drinking Indian Tea -it still resembles the taste of tea but packs more of a caffiene punch than any cup of coffee I've ever had. I think it's called Red Label tea.