Monday, May 23, 2005

Looking forward to SnB

Here it is, only Monday morning, and I'd rather be knitting. After a long drive this morning, I'm exhausted. And I'm only at work until 2 today, at which time I leave to start my tutoring rounds. A PhD student in Biomedical Engineering, tutoring a 3rd and 5th grader in math. As my ex said, "I'm not sure you're qualified"

The thing is, I'm so over qualified I have a hard time remember what I learned in elementary school. Don't ask how long it took me to remember how to multiply fractions. I found myself wishing for my trusty Casio graphing calculator with menu that only 5 other people in the world (one of them my younger brother) can use. Haha, take that TI!

No major knitting news to speak of. Picked up the blue and fuzzy socks to finish up. Thinking about jumping on the bandwagon and making the Claptois from Knitty with my new personally dyed yarn. Trying to talk my friend into coming to SnB with me tomorrow. Though she doesn't knit, I told her she could wind some of my yarn. Aren't I a good friend :)

In non knitting news, I impulsively decided to chop my hair short again. Still getting used to it! But it'll be nice for summer (though I use that term loosely - LA doesn't seem to have real seasons. At least not near the coast!)