Monday, May 16, 2005

If only I could knit in my car...

I love my new car. Mostly because it hasn't broken down on me yet. Unlike the Jetta...well, the Jetta never completely broke just had a multitude of issues. As I drove into school today, I realized how little knitting I was doing these days, now that I wasn't riding the bus. It started off as a "I just had knee surgery, I can't possibly walk 5 blocks and 2 flights of stairs to work" But it's been 7 weeks....I think I'm just drunk on the power of the handicapped permit.

I took a yarn dying class this weekend and am completely hooked. Sigh. Where in my small studio apartment could I dye yarn...hmm....As if I really need more yarn right now :) Mom got the shawl and loves it (hehe, she called me an experienced knitter. Cracks me up!) and has put in an order for another! Now if only I could finish all these other projects....

I'm enjoying this whole knitting ring surfing thing. I added Stat Counter to my other blog and found out that someone in Santa Monica has been Googling me....sometimes it is possible to know too much!