Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Finally finished

These socks were supposed to be done months ago. MONTHS ago. Just another ad for Knitter's ADD folks!

Yarn: Um, some navy blue sock yarn? The label is in the middle of the last ball....

Pattern: Gentleman's Fancy Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks

Modifications: Oh, thousands. Modifications to make them the right size were countless. I didn't like the full length of the leg, so I cut out 30 rounds. The length was going to be for a foot size smaller than that of the intended recipient, so I added 10 rounds. However, the toe was the major problem. I didn't like the length of it - if I have something patterned I want to continue the pattern more than I want a plain toe. So I did decreases every round instead of every other - a look I generally prefer. I had to rip out the toes twice in order to get the length right (don't try picking up navy stitches in poor lighting. Unless you have a large glass of wine nearby).

Lessons learned: After completing the first heel, I learned what that little spool of yarn I'd thrown aside was for. Needless to say, only 1 heel is reinforced :) This was also my first heel flap cuff down that wasn't done in a bulky yarn (for a sock to later be felted).

Stash enhancement photos coming soon!