Friday, August 18, 2006


After years of everyone else doing it, I started working on Clapotis (which I have to look up every time and still haven't been able to say properly). It's been a love-hate project - love the yarn and stitching. Hate because, well, it's taking forever.

And now it has a problem. You can't really see it from here:

But it developed a hole. So, I cut some spare yarn, wove around the hole, and then tied knots:

The question is - was that the right thing to do? How do I secure the knots? The yarn itself is somewhat slippery, I'm not convinced the knots will hold. Any ideas?


Lynn inTucson said...

K8, I don't get it. How did it get a hole? It's in the middle of a St st section? Was it a weak spot in the yarn?

I didn't do any knots in mine, just wove in ends. But I had a silk blend that was pretty grabby.

You're right, it's a ACRE of knitting but worth it when it's done.

Good luck!

K8 said...

Hi Lynn -

I'm not sure what happened either. I was looking it over one day and noticed 2 ends of yarn and a hole. My guess is it was a weak spot. The ends themselves were pretty short, so I didn't try to weave them in.

I'm hoping it is :) It's been in my basket for ages.