Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tea and then some

So I'm going to be clearing out my tea stash of teas I don't drink anymore. I don't know if anyone out there would want an open container of tea, but let me know because I hate to throw it out! I may post pictures and ask for you to express an interest in the comments or email me. Who knows. I'm a little loopy from the coffee and antibiotics today (which really seemed like overkill at the time)

I sadly haven't done much knitting. I have quite a few started projects on the needles but work has been keeping me from making very much progress. And in 10 minutes I'm expecting a phone call about the job I've been trying for, so let's hope that pans out and I can drop the part time job :)

I finished one of the Fiberflix movies - the 1944 version of Gaslight. I had a stronger reaction to this than I thought I would - particularly with respect to the husband and how manipulative he was. Given that I'm still reverberating from the breakup, it's no surprise relationships should strike a chord with me. I got really frustrated with the female lead ("Leave him. Oh you're such an idiot. Don't believe him!") and felt as though the film dragged in the middle. I was, however, amused to find out the cocky maid was Angela Landsbury. A young Angela Landsbury. Maltese Falcon is up next!


Kat said...

Tea? Hook a girl up!