Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm baaack

My last day of vacation before going back to work :(

It was a fun week in Maryland. There was sailing, crab eating, beer drinking, and sight seeing. Oddly enough, I missed the rain on both coasts....
I really enjoyed the atmosphere of Annapolis and the surrounding area. It's woodsy, but there are open areas around the farms and the water. M's parents have a place on the eastern shore where we spent a night and it was great. You have neighbors, but they're not so close you'd know. It's completely quiet at night, and you'd be best off having some sort of night light because there is no surrounding street lighting like there is in the city.

I've been sailing before in Santa Barbara, but it's nothing compared to sailing on a little two person boat. Speed is completely different, and balance is alot trickier. We were successful in staying upright, which was a huge relief to me :)

The trip to DC was fun - it's crazy to see all the well known buildings all in one place. We went by the Capitol, some museums, the botanic gardens, the Museum of Natural History, and of course the White House. My feet were exhausted by the end of the day, but I got some good pictures out of it.

There was some knitting done as well - I started the Chevron Scarf in a yellow/green Koigu and some blue Sundara yarn. I also managed to get a little work done on my Clapotis on the flight back. The woman sitting next to me turned out to be German as well - she noticed I was knitting "like the Europeans" and commented on it :)

I picked up my new gym bag and tent today at REI - now I'm motivated to start working out again (and go camping this upcoming weekend!). I've also been working hard on creating a stockpile of stitch markers before I open my etsy shop. I've gotten some good feedback from the testers that have been really helpful in deciding what type of design to go with. And for some reason making stitch markers is much easier on my wrists.....

Time to get back to 'watching' football :) Have a good Sunday everyone!


gradschoolknitter said...

Hey! I finally got a chance to try the stitch markers you put in with the teapot (which I'm assuming are your own design) and I think they're great!

teresa said...

Mmm... crab. :) Sounds like a great trip! I like the little bird.

Catherine said...

Mmmm, crab eating. Crab cakes, crab legs...I could go on. And I knit "like the Europeans," too!