Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday WIP

Actually, due to the self-imposed and now doctor-approved knitting halt, I don't have much knitting to report (Ok, I cheated last night and started the Chevron scarf. But it's ok - I can do up to 15 minutes of knitting every other day for a week and work my way up from there!) I've developed tendinitis, which on one hand is good (meaning I don't have carpel tunnel). I've been told to rest, ice, and take Advil (or Aleve. Whichever I feel more brand loyalty towards). I also am being sent back to physical therapy again for my knee. As much as I dislike PT, it's really the only way I'll stick to a workout plan (at least right now. The new gym bag I'm getting from REI may motivate me....)

While waiting on my knitting injury to heal, I'm working on restructuring my life a little. I ran across this link at HipKnits and it really got me thinking. I have alot of baggage in my life (and only some of it emotional!) and it stresses me out. While I will probably not do all 72 things, working on some them has already made me feel better (like cleaning out my email accounts - so liberating!). I'm also taking a page from the book of Allison and making a more serious effort to reduce my debt. This ties in nicely with my efforts to be healthier in that I'll be cooking at home more than eating out.

Back to your regularly scheduled knitting soon....ish :)


jillian said...

Ouch! Knitting injury. That sux. I've developed tendonotis in my hands and elbows, apparently from general overuse (including knitting). I didn't have to stop any activity, but I was advised to "mix it up" it terms of what my hands are doing and to take frequent breaks, in addition to anti-infammatories. It helped immensely. I kept knitting, but worked for shorter periods and added a greater variety of projects (needles sizes, fibers, etc.). Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I saw that list from another website this week. There are some really good ideas on there. I love the "short list." ;) Ooh- show us your new gym bag (I need workout motivation, too)!

teresa said...

Bad timing with the trip to MD coming up! But hopefully you'll have plenty of other things to keep you busy at airports and on planes.

mary said...

Sorry to hear you have a knitting injury and hope you fully recover soon. The 72 steps to simplifying your life sounds wonderful but soooo hard to do. Good luck!