Friday, October 26, 2007

I hear there's only one October....

How happy am I that it's Friday? Not that it's been a bad week, but I love weekends. Tonight I'm going to see Josh Ritter perform at the Natural History Museum (which, according to a coworker is a hip venue) (wow, I just felt older right there). Tomorrow, a quick trip to the outlets where I will resist the urge to spend any more money before heading up to Santa Barbara. I imagine with the World Series being on right now there will be some baseball to watch (while I follow the Cal game tomorrow night online). And of course, some knitting.

I'm not really a huge sports fan, despite how much sports I watch. I don't have many favorite teams (except for Cal - go Bears!), and the ones I do like are based on geography or not an awful combination of team colors more than anything else. And in spite of some of the Red Sox fans I've met (or sat near at an Angels game), I have to admit I like the Red Sox. Why? Because I can knit a pair of red socks while watching them and giggle to myself the whole time. It's the little things :)

I found this website of common errors in English via the Stitchin' Sheep. I have to say, I feel a little dumber....Not that anyone expects engineers to have good grammatical skills anyways :)

Next post - pictures! Knitting related pictures!