Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Monday

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Well, another week back at work. The weekend was nice, I went wine tasting with a friend and her boyfriend, picking up a few nice dessert wines. I used to go tasting more often, but with all that's been going on with sailing and hiking I haven't had as much time. And now there's college football....

I picked up my Hourglass Sweater again, in hopes of finishing it up before my birthday in November (it's good to have goals) So far my wrists/forearms still ache a little, but it's significantly better than it was before. I've also gotten a new keyboard tray and mouse at work, since my physical therapist thinks the tendinitis is more due to mousing than knitting (I tend to agree with her, since I haven't knit more than an hour is the last 3 weeks!).

I've been listening to the Omnivore's Dilemma again, and I'm in the section about organic farming. While I still got a little queasy listening to the slaughtering description, I realized the rest of the chapter really appealed to me in contrast to the first section about industrial farming. This year seems to be the year for thinking greener (my Nellie's Dryerballs arrived last week!) and reducing your footprint, but it's also becoming the year for thinking about what you eat (and not just in a caloric sense). I've always remained blissfully unaware of where my food came from, and I'm beginning to question that...

Happy Monday all!


Nonnahs said...

Glad your wrists are feeling better! Ooh, wine tasting- how fun! Holy crap- can you believe this weekend in college football? Yikes!

Katie said...

It's so great that your wrists are getting better and that you can knit some! I know what you mean about industrial farming. I totally cut meat out of my diet, first for health reasons and then because I was opposed to how it was processed. Unfortunately nowadays I have to eat meat again, and it is hard to get meat that isn't from feedlots or that doesn't have BGH.

Good luck with your cooking endeavors -- sounds like lots of fun (as well as finding a good wine to go with what you make!)