Saturday, February 02, 2008

3rd Annual Blogger's Silent Poetry Reading

While I've had one of my own floating around in my head today, I'm going with the poem I had to memorize in college for German class:

Lied des Tuermers (Goethe)
1. Zum Sehen geboren,
Zum Schauen bestellt,
Dem Turme geschworen
Gefällt mir die Welt.

Ich blick' in die Ferne,
Ich seh' in der Näh'
Den Mond und die Sterne,
Den Wald und das Reh.

2. So seh' ich in allen
Die ewige Zier,
Und wie mir's gefallen,
Gefall' ich auch mir.

Ihr glücklichen Augen,
Was je ihr gesehn,
Es sei, wie es wolle,
Es war doch so schön!

As far as I can remember (and translate), it's about a guard sworn to stay in a tower and look out on the horizon. Rather than being bored with this monotonous job, he's really rather pleased with the opportunity to look out on the world (this is where my German is rusty).

Here's to a more positive outlook on the job :)


Dorothy said...

It sounds like a lovely poem. I like his attitude on life.

Thank you for the stitch markers. They arrived Friday and they are so pretty. :)