Sunday, February 10, 2008


Yesterday I had a day to myself (most weekends are spent with M - though now that ski season is in full swing that's more the exception than the norm) and took a mini road trip up to the Santa Ynez valley. I had a food club shipment to pick up (yes, I'm in a food club and it's awesome) and a wine club shipment as well. But the real reason? To try out spinning wheels at Village Spinning & Weaving.

I am in love. I tried out Ashfords, Lendrums, a Louet, a Kromski, and a Majacraft. My two favorites?

This Lendrum:
And this Ashford:
Up until yesterday, I've only spun on a spindle before. And while I like it, I don't really have a rhythm to it. There's alot of stopping and starting. But the wheel just felt smoother. Here's my dilemma though - why should I buy a wheel? It's a relatively large investment, and right now I think I'd be buying it just to spin and not necessarily to make yarn....There's also the retail therapy to think about. I've been hugely stressed the last few weeks. Work has been unpleasant, and things with the family have been hard. And my MO to deal with being unhappy and stressed is to a) hole up and knit and b) shop! So I'll wait. But man, did I love spinning on those wheels yesterday :) And I so highly recommend Village Spinning and Weaving - both the owners are absolutely wonderful and helpful.

Today brings laundry, a trip to REI, lunch with an old friend from college, and of course some knitting. I'm hoping to finish up the Buttony Sweater within the next week or so :) Happy Sunday all!


jillian said...

Love VS&W! They are so lovely and friendly. At least this way *when* you decide to get a wheel you'll know what you like!

mary said...

I love that shop also, but I heard Stick and Stone Fiberarts in Van Nuys is going out of business and having a sale!

Anonymous said...

Shut up! Those are the two wheels I want to investigate! I've tried spinning on a wheel only once, and it was on a Lendrum, which I really liked. I like the look of that Ashford, too, and want to try it out. I haven't made it out to VS&W yet, but I plan to at some point. Fun!

textual bulldog said...

You are my hero, K8! I love that you are looking at spinning wheels... :D