Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Odds and ends

  • Slow down, you move too fast
Yesterday I went to the post office after work to mail some destash yarn (more about this later) and of course chose the automated postal unit over the long line in the lobby. However, there were 2 people in front of me and an elderly man already using the machine. While talking himself through it. " that's expensive...go"

As the line grew and we all silently plotted to throttle him (I know I can't have been the only one), I realized this is what bugged me about my ex's apology. He had waited over a hear to apologize and acknowledge he had failed to treat me like a human being. But he couldn't be bothered to sit down and at least email me from a freaking computer.

We're all in such a hurry these days, and that's been part of the anxiety I've been feeling since the new year. Hurry up to define my relationship, hurry up to resurrect broken friendships, hurry up to get over my brother's death. I suspect all this hurrying is why I wake up before my alarm clock these days.

  • Obligatory politics
I've been listening to Al Gore's The Assault on Reason the last couple of days. And a few things come to mind - one: Al Gore has a very distinctive writing style. It's like he's talking to you. And even though he's not the one narrating the book, you know it's him. Two: how the hell did we end up here? I'm not one to follow the news anymore, but listening to his accounts of the last few years have me up in arms. Though his account of hypnotizing a chicken is pretty funny.

  • So, you call this a knitting blog?
Only very loosely. In my anxiety to clear out material goods (apparently I am not my mother's daughter on this score), I've managed to destash about half my stash. And made a vow not to buy any more new yarn until Easter. I've decided this applies to a wheel as well. By that time I should have my tax refund and feel a little more certain about this whole spinning thing. In the meantime, I am knitting from my stash, finishing up UFOs (or frogging them), and practicing on my spindle. Unfortunately all this WIP polygamy has slowed down progress on the Buttony Sweater (the Chevron scarf was too pretty to leave in the basket!), but it will be done.

Some day....


Anonymous said...

That so sucks about your ex. I love how people think that by doing something in such a hurried manner it'll mean that things are ok.

I hope one day when my mind is lucid to check out the Gore audiobook. Sounds intriguing!

I'm with you on hurrying. Maybe one of the reasons why I have post office phobia.

mehitabel said...

That's why I usually hit the post office lobby machine at 10 pm. No lines. I've also been known to go there at 7 am--even better.
I've been destashing and trying to knit from stash too. Not such a great plan when I destashed all my black half-ackrylic and now I need some to make a hat for a teenager! Sigh.