Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Obligatory Update

I have applied for almost 40 jobs to date, and in the span of almost 2 months, I have heard NOTHING.

I have a small fly infestation in my bathroom - little tiny black flies crawling out of who-knows-where to die. I imagine they're dying because I have bleached the hell out of that room, put drano and bleach down the sink and shower, and sprayed Simple Green over every available surface. The bathroom is not designed to be, well, used. Water builds up around the sink and spills in the small area between the wall and the sink. Leaving a mess. I am having sneezing fits from the Simple Green's strong aroma. And seriously considering not driving until they fix the problem. I have a sinking suspicion there is water trapped in the wall, making a breeding ground for these guys. Sigh. Everyone grossed out now?

I turned in my thesis yesterday, and got replies from all 3 committee members. 2 are out of town. 1 of the out-of-towners won't read my thesis until next week. Giving me less than a week to work on his revisions. Sadly, he's the one I was warned about. I am a little panicked (no more so than usual).

I have, officially, hit a low point. Academically, financially, physically, emotionally. I am burned out on my research, I have no savings or future job or housing after the end of August, I am exhausted, and totally stressed. And it's only Tuesday.

In good news, I have more than just a cat for a pet now. Thousands of little flies. Ew.

And I'm almost done with a sweater I'm making. Which is actual good news. As opposed to fake good news (or good fake news, like the Daily Show). I'm clearing out my yarn stash in anticipation of moving/putting stuff in storage. Going to hit up Trader Joe's for some comfort food and then Goodwill to get rid of some stuff. Then finally SnB tonight, to relax and hopefully finish my sweater....

Hope you're all well!


Miss Twiss said...

Chin up. Everything's gotta be icky right now, your exhausted. Sleep. Rest. Knit. You'll be back to yourself again very soon. Know that these feelings are temporary.

yao said...

that means it's time to go wine tasting!

Monika said...

Hey Girlie,
don't worry, everything will work out, I promise, I've been there too- remember?, even worse-with possibility being deported out of the country since work visa only work if you are working :) you got the point :)
but now things are great. You are a super talented girl, you will get the job of your dream!! place, etc
Call me if you need cheering :)

Anonymous said...

The prospect of unemployment is such a heavy emotional weight. You're strong, you're able - just harass these employerpeople until they listen!

...and your landlord sounds like total, complete, Domingo-level CRAP!!!!


somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Bummer about the bathroom. I can't stand little baby flies either because it does mean there's a breeding ground somewhere. Maybe if you drill a small hole into the offending wall and douse the area behind it with Simple Green (I sound like an exterminator!), that would help?
Good luck!

Lone Knitter said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your words of support. I wanted to give you some support as well: you will get a job and your thesis will go through beautifully! I also wanted to let you know that you're not alone in your fly infestation. I had an infestation once and it drove me crazy. There was no clear indication of where they were coming from. It drove me nuts. I taped up everything, but that didn't help. I called an exterminator who offered to put up some glue strips--apparently there isn't much to be done when it comes to flies. He did mention, however, that maybe a squirrel or something had died in the walls or ceiling. Good luck!