Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Well, sort of a cowl...

My attempt to be somewhat creative this morning as I image my version of the Somewhat Cowl from Knit and Tonic - the Not Really a Cowl at All.

When I read that the collar was 6 inches of ribbing, I stopped at 3 and tried it on. After deciding I was ok with the idea of not knitting on the collar anymore, I bound off (only to find I hadn't picked up stitches very evenly. Frog away).

This time it's truly done and drying as we speak. I love the shape of this sweater, though if I were to make it again I'd knit the raglan to the full 10.5 inches (I think I stopped early, so the sweater is a little tight across the bust. Which for me is quite a feat).

Alright, back to revisions. So far only my advisor has been working with me, I have no idea what the other two think. And only 6 days left....Inhale, exhale. It's going well, just making time management a little more spontaneous. And causing problems for the family, since I'm going to have to bail on driving duty in the afternoons until Monday. It's for a good cause :)


teresa said...

And it's Really Not a Cowl when lying flat like that. :)