Tuesday, January 23, 2007


After what seemed like ages, I finally finished my scarf for the Red Scarf Project. And threw in some scarves that were sitting in the "To Gift" pile (I've been trying to keep ahead on birthdays and holidays by buying gifts when I see them or stocking up a pile of knits to give away). Unfortunately, I left my camera at home and can't upload the pictures. It looks pretty much like the last photo, only longer :)

So what to work on now? I'm thinking instant gratification - so most likely Fetching and the Noro beanie. And maybe back to the Trekking socks I started last year - I'm finally ready to try a toe up heel flap. Though I'm not sure that's a good SnB project for tonight (or, now that I think about it, where I put the pattern....hmm)

I've been feeling a bit compulsive about cleaning lately (esp. since my landlady started spontaneously showing my apartment. I haven't even given her official notice yet!) - my knitting basket is a huge mess of patterns and yarn and needles. A quick project for tonight - organzing all my WIPs and putting away the stuff I'm not working on. After reading a review of the KnitPicks bags I'm somewhat tempted. But with all the other bags I have and the impending cost of the move I'm restraining myself. It would be nice to have a more knitting-oriented bag though...

And with that, back to work. I've got alot of reading to do, and some lab work. And they won't pay me if I spend all my time on the internet :)