Friday, January 19, 2007

WIPs aplenty

Finally, I have joined the My So Called Scarf bandwagon - just in time for the Red Scarf Project! As much as I love the look of the pattern and the feel of the yarn (so soft by caron?), I remember why I don't make scarves very often...I get a little bored after awhile. But, I'm on a deadline, and so I knit on...
And also finally, a Noro Silk Garden beanie. Attempt #3....
Some Fetching fingerless gloves, using the leftover yarn from my Razor Cami. I'm hoping I have enough yarn to make it, I'm cutting it awfully close!
Last but not least, Wicker from Rowan in Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk (which Little Knits has on sale....) I love how soft this yarn is and how vibrant the red is (I'm on a red kick right now), though I'm running through the skeins like there's no tomorrow...

I've been exercising some amazing self restraint here - as Teresa will tell you, I normally have many more projects going at once. But I'd like to be better about finishing things, as opposed to just starting them. I even managed to get some knitting in at work today - I had to take light measurements all morning, which left alot of down time waiting for time points. I managed to get another 3 inches on the beanie, in addition to some strange looks from my labmates :)

Time to get ready - a group of us are going out for dinner to celebrate my friend's birthday tonight. The perfect occasion to wear my new patent leather shoes from Nine West (who, like ALDO, are also having a know you're tempted....)